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By Bus Around Kunming

While Kunming is waiting for its proper subway network, the public buses around town are a useful alternative. For either 1 or 2 RMB per single bus ride, you will be able getting all over town, including most of Kunming's major attractions. Note that during rush hours it can get quite crowded though and not everywhere a separate bus line is ensuring traffic jam-free driving. A difficulty for people lacking the command of the Chinese language is that bus stops signs are all written in Chinese. But still, it's worth a try, below some information on how to get to over 20 of Kunming's prime sights.


To Temples


Bamboo Temple

Nestled in the forests up on a hill west of the city, the cozy and quiet Bamboo Temple (筇竹寺) can be found. Overland buses number C61 or C62 can be taken at the bus terminal at Hong Shan Dong Road (虹山东路).


Golden Temple

The Golden Temple (金殿) in Kunming's north east is served by buses with the numbers 10, 71, 146 and 235.


Yuantong Temple

The Yuantong Temple (圆通寺), one of Kunming's most famous temples can be found in the city center. Easy to reach by bus routes 101, 100, 119, 187, 92, 95 and Z5. Get off at Yuantong Street (圆通街).



To Museums


Guandu Old Town with the new Yunnan Provincial Museum

One of Kunming's 4 boroughs: Guandu with its old town in the city's south east. The new Yunnan Provincial Musuem (云南省博物馆) has moved to that area as well. Take bus number 31, get off at at Guandu Old Town (官渡古镇).


Kunming City Museum 

"Kunming City Museum (昆明市博物馆)" is also the name of the bus station one has to get off to visit temporary exhibitions on Kunming's interesting history. Take bus number 1, 62,109,117,145,213, or A1.


The Yunnan Nationalities Village (next to Yunnan Nationalities Museum)

In Kunming's far west lie these sites showing Yunnan's wide variety of ethnic minorities. To learn more about it, take bus No. 24, 44, 73, 94, 135,165, 184, A1, A4, A9


Yunnan Railway Museum

Relatively new and also very close to our office. Buses 3, 23, 50, 68, K1, or Metro Line No. 2, stop at "Kunming Northern Railway Station (昆明火车北站)".



To Parks


Black Dragon Pool Park

Close to Kunming's Botanical Garden (昆明植物园): buses number 9, 79, 128 or 249 wil take you to Kunming's Black Dragon Pool 昆明黑龙潭公园 (not to be mixed up with Lijiang's!).


Daguan Park

Between Kunming's city center and large Dianche Lake lies beautiful Daguan Park (昆明大观公园). Get there with buses 4, 22, 52, 95, 100, 104 or 125.


Green Lake Park

Right in Kunming's city center lies the city's gem: the Green Lake Park (翠湖公园). Accessible by all directions, for instance buses number 100, 101, 133, 139, 235 and Z5 witll take you there.


Haigeng Park & Dianchi Lake

The Haigeng Park (海埂公园) at the shores of Dianshi Lake is also the starting point of the cable cars up into the Western Hills 西山 (see above). Catch buses 24, 44, 73, 94,135,165, 184, A1, A4, A9 and get off at the terminal (Haigeng Park)


Kunming Botanical Garden

Close to Kunming's Black Dragon Pool 黑龙潭公园 (see above): buses number 9, 79, 128 or 249 wil take you to Kunming's Botanical Garden (昆明植物园).


Kunming Zoo (Yuantong Mountain)

Right next to Yuantong Temple 圆通寺(see above), Kunming's former zoo (now park) can be visited. Get there by bus lines 4, 59, 74, 78,83,85,100,101, 129, and 234 and get off at Station Yuantong Shan (圆通山).


Tanhua Temple Park

Close to Kunming's Eastern bus station, the Tanhua Temple (昙华寺) can be found. Many buses go there, among others, No.132 directly, 29,50,54,77 and 237 stoping at Wangdaqiao Station (王大桥) and bus line Z5 stopping at Jintai Street.


Xihua Park

In Kunming's south, the Xihua Park (西华公园) is often used for local art and music events. Take bus No. 51, 75, 80, 181, 183 or 233 to get there.


Yunnan Wildlife Park

Kunming's Wildlife Park (云南野生动物园) is located in the city's north-east. Get there by bus No. 150, 241, 235 or 249.



To Sites Outside of Kunming City


Jiaoye Park

Just opposite of the Bamboo Temple (see above) surrounded by hills and woods, the Jiaoye Park (郊野公园) awaits you for nice walks and BBQOverland bus number C61 can be taken for instance at the bus terminal at Hong Shan Dong Road (虹山东路).


Jiuxiang Cave

A special bus line to the Jiuxiang Caves leaves from the Kunming Eastern Bus Station. To get there from downtown, get on buses numbered 60, 22, 50, 193, 194, K18, 902, K9, 29, 906 and 237.Bus ride from Kunming East Bus Station (昆明东部汽车客运站) to Yiliang county and further on by mini bus to the Jiuxiang Scenic Area (九乡风景区).


Stone Forest

A special bus line to the Stone Forest leaves from the Kunming Eastern Bus Station (昆明东部汽车客运站). To get there from downtown, get on buses numbered 60, 22, 50, 193, 194, K18, 902, K9, 29, 906 and 237.


Western Hills

Outside of town, visible from almost everywhere in Kunming and also known as 'Sleeping Beauty Mountain': the Western Hills (西山), a popular weekend get-away can be reached by buses 51, 6 and 94. The stop to get off is Gaoyao (高峣), from where you can either walk up or take a local shuttle bus inside the park area. 


Yeya Lake

And last but not least, the Yeya Lake (野鸭湖), north outside of town. Take bus number 147 and get off at Shuanglong Station, then walk for about 1 km where you can eventually relax.


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