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Best Hiking Spots Around Kunming

Yunnan is a hilly and mountainous area. We provide an overview of 10 different mountain treks in Kunming Prefecture. Especially during autumn when it's mostly sunny but not too warm anymore, hiking up to peaks and enjoying great outlooks are highly recommended!


1. Gudui Mountain, Jinning County

Gudui Mountain is located between the three counties of Jinning, Jiangchuan and Chengjiang. Ascending the peak is rewarded with a wonderful birds-eye view of three lakes: Fuxian, Xingyun and Dianchi Lake adjascent to Kunming City. Carpeted with typical highland vegetation as grasses and shrubs, the route is additionally highlighted by blooming flowers during spring and summer.

Altitude: 2,648 metres

Trekking duration: 4-5 hours

Trekking distance: 8-12 km

Location: about 80 km south of Kunming


2. Heifeng Mountain, Anning County

The Heifeng Cave on top of this mountain gave it its name. A huge undulated mountain range spanning over dozens of kilometres, the area is endowed with diversified vegetation and exuberant forests. For many locals, Haifeng Mountain is a popular destination for camping and outdoor excursions.

Altitude: 2,617 metres

Trekking duration: 6-7 hours

Trekking distance: 16 km

Location: 70 km south-west of Kunming Cit (close to Bajie Town, Anning)


3. Laogui Mountain, Shilin County

Shilin County, famous for its karst landscape and Kunming's most famous attraction, the Stone Forest Scenic Area, is home to this trekking route. The highest elevation of Shilin is Laogui Mountain, right next to Guishan National Forest Park which is located between the counties of Shilin, Mi'le and Luxi.

Altitude: 2,601 metres

Trekking duration: 3-4 hours

Trekking distance: 6-8 km

Location: 140 km south-east of Kunming City (close to Guishan Town, Shilin)


4. Jintongpen Mountain, Fumin County

Named due to its profile resembling a reverse copper coloured basin, the mountain is the origin of the drinking water of the area. Legend goes that the water at the lowest place of the main peak never dried up because there used to be a golden basin which was then taken away by an avaricious man resulting in the drying-up of the water. So don't forget to bring your own water!

Altitude: 2,817 metres

Trekking duration: 3-4 hours

Trekking distance: 11 km

Route: 60 km west of Kunming City (close to Zhebei Town, Fumin)


5. Laoye Mountain, Yiliang County

One of the Ten Steepest Mountains in Kunming, Laoye Mt is situated between Yiliang County and Guandu District of Kunming. Its east part is mainly carpeted by verdant vegetation and the upper part even looks like a church tower. Ascending to the top, one can enjoy the overwhelming views of the Yangzong Lake and the Yiliang Basin. Every 15th day of the 6th month (lunar calendar, i.e. for example 18.July 2016) a local temple fair is attended by villagers of the communities around the mountain.

Altitude: 2,730 metres

Trekking duration: 2-3 hours

Trekking distance: 9 km

Location: 50 km west of Kunming City (close to Muxi Village, just west of Kunming's Changshui Internatioanl Airport)


6. Liangwang Mountain, Yuxi District

The area is the cradle of the Ancient Dian Culture. In the Yuan Dynasty (1273-1368), the highest governor of Yunnan Liangwang (a Mongolian Prince) established the Liangwang Palace and trained soldiers on the mountain. Today, several historical sites of the drilling fields still can be seen clearly. 3 different lakes can be seen around: Dianchi, Yanzong and Fuxian Lake.

Altitude: 2,820 metres

Trekking duration: 4-5 hours

Trekking distance: around 10 km

Location: 60 km south-east of Kunming City (at the border of Kunming's Chenggong District and Yuxi District, just east of the Hengchong Reservoir)


7. Dajianshan Mountain, Songming County

With a large coverage of pine trees, Dajianshan Mountaint is carpeted with assorted wild flowers including azaleas. Locals of the area are the Miao ethnic people who are typically known for their Christian choirs.The Fajiesi Forest Park is located right to the east of this hiking area.

Altitude: 2,840 metres

Trekking duration: 3-4 hours

Trekking distance: 7-10 km

Location: 70 km north of Kunming City (close to Fajiesi Forest Park)


8. Huashitou Mountain, Xundian County

The silhouette of the mountain looks like a Chinese legendary dragon. The peaks around its summit are all about 3,000 metres high. Views of the fat top of the mountain include meadows, wild flowers and grotesque rocks.

Highest altitude: 3,294 metres

Trekking duration: 3-4 hours, (two day trip from Kunming)

Trekking distance: 8 km

Location: 160 km north-east of Kunming City (close to Huajiaoshu Village)


9. Jiaozi Snow Mountain, Luquan County

It is one of the highest mountain of Kunming Prefecture which can be accessed very easy. The shape of the mountain range resembles a traditional Chinese Sedan (Jiao Zi), hence its name. The peak is located in the Jiaozi Mountain Scenic Area within an overall area of 250 sq km which includes forests, glaciers and glacial lakes as well as alpine meadows in which rhododendrons and azaleas grow. As a tourist area there is a cable car taking visitors from about 3500 to 3800m..

Altitude: 4,223m

Trekking duration: 4-5 hours (two day trip from Kunming)

Trekking distance: 8-10 km

Location: 160 km straight north of Kunming City (following the brown scenic area signs with Jiaozi Shan Travel Route, 轿子山旅游专线)


10. Xueling Mountain, Dongchuan County

The highest peak in Central Yunnan, it is the most challenging mountain in Kunming. In winter, the snow-capped Xueling Mountain appears magnificently orange, thus it's also called the Snow Fire Ridge by locals. In 2009, the National Geography China authenticated it as one of the Ten Unfamous Mountains of China. With two beautiful lakes, it is nevertheless not an easy hike and especailly interesting for those hikers seeking a proper mountaineering challenge.

Altitude: 4,344 metres

Trekking duration: up to 8 hours (two day trip from Kunming)

Trekking distance: 8-10 km

Location: 210 km north of Kunming City (just east of Jiaozi Snow Mountain, close to Tanfang Village)

Note: A professional mountain guide is highly recommended as well as raincoats and warm clothes due to the changing alpine weather.