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Shiqiao Ancient Paper-Making

Handmade paper-making is one of the Four Inventions of Ancient China, it can be dated back to the East Han Dynasty (25AD – 220AD). Although handmade paper-making has been replaced by automated machine production in most of the places in the world now, Shiqiao Miao village in Guizhou province still continues to earn their living by producing and selling hand-made papers.

Shiqiao Miao village is located in Danzhai County of Guizhou Province and has a history of more than 2,000 years in papermaking, since the middle of the Tang Dynasty. Miao people there have kept and preserved their ancient techniques and now the village is considered as the “living fossil” of ancient papermaking.

Miao people use one special kind of tree as the raw material of paper-making. They collect the bark and beat it into pulp. 

They use it to make different types of paper for different functions, such as the restoration of ancient books and antiquities, house decoration, lanterns, notebooks, umbrellas and so on.

Visiting Shiqiao Miao village is a great opportunity for you to see the traditional ways of making papers. The village itself is also very beautiful with traditional wooden houses and small crooked streets.

You can even experience Ancient Paper Making by yourself.

During the paper-making experience, they will ask you to use a netty screen to shake and stir the bark- pulp and form a layer of wet paper on the screen. Then, You can be creative and put flowers and leaves inside the paper, next, you need to put another layer of park-pulp on top of that. The final step is to dry the wet sheet, which usually takes around a week at room temperature. Then the freshly hand-made flower paper is finished.


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