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All Seasons in One Place

Peach and pear blossom in spring, lotus in summer; autumn osmanthus in autumn and plum in winter. Kunming is a stage for nature’s spectacular display. It lives up to its name “Spring city”, a mild sunny climate year round is the perfect balance for a variety of plants.

The Dounan flower market in Kunming, Yunnan province, is the largest market for fresh cut flowers in China and widely known in the whole Asia. As many as 8.2 billion fresh cut flowers were traded in Dounan in the past 2018. An impressive 3900-square-meter market that serves as a flower heaven for all lovers of beauty, is an endless displays colours.

The most Interesting part  here is the  way to buy flowers, not for a bunch but by weight.

Most tourists visit the morning market. The evening market begins to be displayed around 5 PM. Local florists or flower farmers from around the country come in at night to stock up.