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Wonders of Yunnan
posted on Tuesday, June 27th at 23:57

Back in the year 1697, a rather unusual Dalai Lama lived in Lhasa's Potala Palace, the chief residence of all Dalai Lamas until the 1950s. This 6th Dalai Lama, also known as Tsangyang Gyatso, had - besides his political work - composed many songs and poems, famous still today!

Nora Li
posted on Friday, June 16th at 00:04

Since long, mystical Tibet with its splendid landscape and sacred religion has been one of China's preferred travel destinations for a great number of visitors. Tours to Tibet were also highlighted in our latest newsletter. Check out the latest travel regulations for non-Chinese tourists!

Joy Yang
posted on Friday, December 16th at 00:38

When paying with Chinese money, have you ever noticed the images on the banknotes? While the fronts are still covered by a Mao Tsedong portrait, the back sides are dedicated to several scenic spots or special areas all over China. Get inspired by the places in our short 'currency overview'!

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