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Sissy Wang
posted on Saturday, April 27th at 20:25

The largest market for fresh cut flowers in China and widely known in the whole Asia

Chloe Zhou
posted on Monday, January 8th at 23:01

Dian opera is the Yunnanese version of Chinese classical opera and has a very long history, once it played a very important role in the local culture of Yunnan province. Nowadays however it is on the verge of disappearing. Would you like to learn more about this lost art form?

Chloe Zhou
posted on Monday, December 18th at 17:52

With countless seagulls in the sky, bird-watching has become a very popular local activity and even a part of tradition in Kunming. Want to have a closer look of thousands seagulls and experience what local people do around Kunming city? Check those spots listed in this article.

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