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Aaron Mao
posted on Monday, July 3rd at 01:01

Puzhehei is a little town surrounded by an amazing area composed of a very unique karst landscape. Located a bit off the beaten track of Yunnan's main travel destinations, Puzhehei is especially worth a visit during summer when colorful lotus flowers cover lakes and rivers. Let us get you there!

Cici Li
posted on Friday, March 24th at 01:04

In Yunnan, there is a saying: "Trains don’t run faster than cars and the railway only goes abroad, not to inland destinations." Actually, this is referring to the old Yunnan-Vietnam Railway. Today, the one-meter-gauge train still runs once a day through Kunming. Hop on and get nostalgic!

Nora Li
posted on Wednesday, March 15th at 23:54

Cangshan (苍山) is the high mountain range located just to the west of Dali. It is a popular local recreation area for the people of and visitors to the Dali region. To reach higher elevations conveniently, 3 different cable cars have been built along the range. A short guide of how to get up.

Candice Lee
posted on Friday, February 17th at 01:54

According to the Yunnan Transportation Department, it is necessary for passangers traveling overland by bus to personalize the tickets. This regulation is valid from 1. April 2017 and means that for every passenger buying bus tickets, the ORIGINAL passort or ID card is required.

Nora Li
posted on Thursday, February 9th at 23:44

Kunming is a central and important transportation hub of Yunnan Province: we have the fouth largest airport of China, Kuming is considered the Chinese gate to Southeast Asia and so forth. Many guests to Yunnan arrive in Kunming and the first thing that they need is a taxi. Here an overview.

Christy Huang
posted on Monday, January 23rd at 01:34

After Yunnan has been conneced to China's highspeed train network beginning of this year, not only the country's east coast gets more accessible for us. Also our neighboring province Guizhou is now quickly reachable and is definately worth a visit. Check out our tours to Guizhou here!

Justin Wang
posted on Thursday, January 12th at 01:44

Since the end of 2016, they can be seen all over town: rental bikes. 3 different bike companies spread their eye-catching, multi-colored bicycles in Kunming and already now they are well frequented. More and more city dwellers and tourists are making use of this new offer. This is how it works.

Christy Huang
posted on Monday, December 26th at 21:44

Great news for upcoming new year of 2017! The Chinese Railway Bureau plans to officially open the high-speed railway connection as well as the brand new Kunming South Railway Station on 5th January. This means that transportation from and to Yunnan is getting again one step more convenient!

Aaron Mao
posted on Wednesday, October 26th at 03:08

As announced earlier in our blog, the new 8-hour and 2260 km-long Shanghai - Kunming connection is planned to open still this year. We today already present some first impressions and publish what future train travelers can expect from the new bullet train.

Justin Wang
posted on Thursday, September 22nd at 23:17

China's National Day, also know as the Golden Week, is just around the corner. From 1. to 7. October, banks, institutes and also our office will be closed. During one of the major peak travel seasons of the year, visitors to China should be prepared for crowds and prices higher than usual!


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