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Wonders of Yunnan
posted on Saturday, June 15th at 23:07

We're delighted to team up with a dear friend, Josh Neukam, to offer an amazing 11-day photography workshop tour.  In the first part of the interview, we got detailed information about the 6 photography workshops he will guide during the trip.

Wonders of Yunnan
posted on Friday, June 14th at 00:51
Josh Neukam from As You Go, Photo! designed an 11-day photography workshop tour that he will guide this summer. Get to know him better in this two part interview.

For the first part, find out how his passion for photography came about, his choice of equipment and all that you can learn about photography during the tour. 

Wonders of Yunnan
posted on Friday, May 17th at 20:36

Today the Province of Guizhou is home to more high bridges then every other country on earth combined

Wonders of Yunnan
posted on Thursday, May 16th at 22:24

The Beipanjiang Bridge Duge was completed in 2016 and took the title of The World’s Highest Bridge.

Wonders of Yunnan
posted on Sunday, March 17th at 19:44

An interesting French article about Fanjing mountain from

Wonders of Yunnan
posted on Monday, February 11th at 22:52
( Guizhou )

What other way is better to get a taste of this unique and ancient culture of Guizhou’s indigenous minority tribes than participating in one of their traditional festivals?

Wonders of Yunnan
posted on Friday, August 24th at 02:47
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Occasionally we offer free trips for journalists, photographers, travel agents and social media mavens. This year we are taking a large group to explore the province of Guizhou.  Read on if you would like to join us.

Chloe Zhou
posted on Wednesday, May 2nd at 01:32

With a history of more than 2,000 years in papermaking since the middle of the Tang Dynasty, Shiqiao Miao village is considered as the “living fossil” of ancient papermaking. It is one of the four gems of ancient China.

Amelie Degrande
posted on Tuesday, April 10th at 18:58

For the second part of the FAM-tour in Guizhou, we visited Guiyang and a lot of Miao villages around Kaili. We explored many interesting places, learn how to make batik, paper handcrafted flower-paper, met lots of great people, and had a lot of adventures. Will you join us next time?

Chloe Zhou
posted on Tuesday, February 27th at 22:32

Once tin embroidery used to be a craftsmanship hidden deep between the faraway mountains, but due to the occasional encounter with domestic tourists or foreign friends, the unique Hmong minority tin embroidery from Jianhe (Qiandongnan county) became known to the world.


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