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Joy Yang
posted on Wednesday, April 20th at 19:35

Yang Liping is known for the creation of the Dynamic Yunnan Show dance performance. Now, her new show, The Sound of Yunnan (Chinese: Yunnan de xiangsheng / 云南的响声) will premier in Lijiang upcoming May. We provide some first impressions of her next master piece!

Linda Lin
posted on Thursday, March 31st at 01:50

2.April 2011 marked the start of our tour operator business in Yunnan. We quickly expanded with loads of interesting tours to Southwest-China and other parts of the country. Thousands of satisfied customers said "thank you" and now it's up to us giving something back!

Christy Huang
posted on Wednesday, March 30th at 00:30

Meeting people from all over the world is always nice, especially when they have the same interests. Mid-March, we participated the Zhangjiajie International Travel Agents Conference on China Inbound Tourism 2016 and hooked up with likeminded tour operators.

Joy Yang
posted on Thursday, March 17th at 23:41

As the largest fetival in Dali, the "March Street" has since long drawn thousands of people to the old town, local markets and to the greatest celebration of the local Bai minority itself every year. In 2016, the festival is taking place in the week of April 21. to 27.

Christy Huang
posted on Wednesday, February 24th at 20:17

Yunnan and southern China has a large variety to offer when it comes to ethnic minorities. The people of the Miao cannot only be found here but are spread over five different continents. Accordingly, their influence in terms of customs and traditions is quite big!

Olaf Malden
posted on Monday, February 15th at 00:07

This year's Spring Festival is over. As always, millions of people left the large cities and traveled back to their home in other cities, remote villages or also abroad. What's being left behind are closed shops, empty roads and calm. Well, at least almost...

Christy Huang
posted on Sunday, February 7th at 21:13

The whole Wonders Of Yunnan Travel Team wishes everyone a wonderful and happy new year of the monkey! But what exactly is the Spring Festival at all? Get a short overview here!

Christy Huang
posted on Friday, January 29th at 01:18

The 18th Canola Flower Festival is just around the corner. From 8th February to 8th March, we will not only have the chance to see the Luoping County in golden bloom but also experience the local culture during activities and events!

Joy Yang
posted on Tuesday, January 26th at 20:03

The Chinese New Year is the most important holiday for Chinese and other nations in Asia. People who work or study in other cities usually go back to their hometowns to celebrate this big day with their families. We hope you booked your tickets already.

Aaron Mao
posted on Monday, December 28th at 00:42

It is a winter highlight for many in Kunming: the 2-month Plum Blossom Exhibition which is highlighted by elegant plum blossoms and wintersweet that begin to bloom from December to following February. Have a look!.


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