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Joy Yang
posted on Sunday, September 11th at 20:49

Iva's diary closely comes to an end. Enjoy part 5 of 6, leading her always in the direction of the Myanmar border, passing Dali, Baoshan and the great Nujiang River during the second half of July. Hospitality of locals, increadible scenery but also heaps of rain were her companions.

Christy Huang
posted on Monday, August 29th at 00:37

Combined show and eating events are numerous and popular all over China. The Dish-Serving-Dances in Yunnan's Nanjian Yi Autonomous County is a bit different though. Dancing while serving their guests dishes, is an important etiquette of the local Yi people.

Joy Yang
posted on Thursday, March 17th at 23:41

As the largest fetival in Dali, the "March Street" has since long drawn thousands of people to the old town, local markets and to the greatest celebration of the local Bai minority itself every year. In 2016, the festival is taking place in the week of April 21. to 27.

Joy Yang
posted on Monday, January 18th at 01:29

Situated right south of Dali and the Er'hai Lake, Weishan City is still an insider tipp, a bit off the beaten track and at the same time relatively easy to reach. Once a year in spring, people from the area gather to celebrate and offer their 小吃 (xiao chi) - snacks!

Aaron Mao
posted on Friday, January 15th at 00:38

Ever had insects for lunch or dinner? In Yunnan, it's actually pretty popular to snack them deep fried. We admit, it must sound strange to a lot of people to eat animals which one preferably wants to only get rid of. But give it a crispy try!

Christy Huang
posted on Wednesday, January 6th at 00:50

Don't just want to enjoy local food in restaurants and look at sights while on holiday? Get active and use your stay in Dali biking along or around adjacent Erhai Lake. Various routes with different lengths can be recommended!


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