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Daguan Park

Aaron Mao
posted on Friday, December 9th at 01:17

End of October, we could already welcome the first Siberian seagulls to Kunming. In the meanwhile, it seems that the've all arrived as the lakes and channels in and around Kunming are densely populated with migratory birds. Find out, where it's best to watch them between October and March.

Joy Yang
posted on Sunday, November 6th at 20:15

As already outlined in our latest newsletter (see below), autumn is a great time to visit Yunnan. Additionally to loads of sunshine and blue skies, especially the yellow leaves of the Gingko trees produce a colorful scenery in the parks and gardens of Kunming. Take a stroll and bring your camera!

Aaron Mao
posted on Thursday, November 3rd at 23:00

'Daguan' (大观), liturally meaning 'grand view', is a very suitable name for this park and its pavilion located at the northern tip of Dianchi Lake. With a fantastic view over the lake and onto the Western Hills, it is nice to visit specifically during winter with loads of migratory birds.

Aaron Mao
posted on Monday, October 17th at 01:28

Kunming's biggest landmark, the Dianchi Lake is worth a visit! Also if you won't be able to swim in it, there are plenty of options visiting its shores and close sights as well as enjoying the great view over lake and city. This is a day trip recommendation to Yunnan's biggest lake!

Aaron Mao
posted on Thursday, July 28th at 03:32

While Kunming is waiting for its proper subway network, the public buses around town are a useful alternative. For either one or two RMB per single bus ride, you will be able getting all over town, including most of Kunming's major attractions. Hop on!

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