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Melanie Timmerman
posted on Friday, March 20th at 04:14

Everybody has heard of the Yunnan Stone Forest in Shilin near Kunming. But did you know that the Stone Forest has three siblings? There are four "Earthen" Forests in Yunnan, next to the Stone Forest, there is the Earth Forest, the Sand Forest and the Plaster Forest.

Aaron Mao
posted on Friday, October 28th at 02:36

To start with, the Lufeng World Dinsaur Valley (世界恐龙谷) deserves its name. A great number of dinosaur fossils were discovered here in the 20th century and it is known also beyond China for its amazing amount of complete skeletons and rich species. Located close to Kunming, it is a great day trip!

Joy Yang
posted on Sunday, August 21st at 21:00

While Iva finished her personal 'Across China on Foot' on August 9th after a total of 1635 km, we today publish her walking route in the Chuxiong area, which she passed in the first half of July, leading her to Dali, "a great road for singing and kicking stones".

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