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Joy Yang
posted on Tuesday, August 9th at 01:00

We are continuing our little diary series of Iva, the hiker from Australia, walking the same route, which British journalist Dingle traveled over 100 years ago. This third chapter covers the second half of June, in which she had passed Kunming and also finally dropped by our office.

Christy Huang
posted on Friday, July 8th at 03:28

Just west of Kunming, Dianchi Lake and Western Hills lies Anning County. Besides the city of Anning, it covers many beautiful nature areas and places worth visiting. The proximity to Kunming makes it a popular weekend trip destination for locals and visitors. A short visiting guide to Anning.

Joy Yang
posted on Wednesday, April 20th at 23:25

For wellness fans and chill-out buffs: Have a break in spas around Kunming. The Hot Springs of Anning, the Brilliant Spa Resort at the lakefront of Yangzong Hai as well as the luxurious Huquan Resort & Spa in Mi'le, close to Stone Forest invite for a relaxing stay.

Christy Huang
posted on Tuesday, March 29th at 03:22

Kunming is lovingly referred to as Spring City due to its mild climate and extremely colorful trees and flowers. But how about other cities and regions in the area? Anning for instance, only a stone's throw away from the capital is also worth a visit!

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